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So, I competed in the MaRS Energy Hackathon over the weekend. I was fortunate enough to form a team with Lucy Lin and Erich Welz, and we were fortunate enough to be awarded the Pivot Design Group UX Award!

Our project came out of some really great preliminary discussions Lucy, Erich, and I had about communicating sustainability to the public. The product, Energy Tipper, simplified Green Button data to the average person by engaging people with humor and not bombarding them with numbers and figures. I loved this project because we made some very concrete contributions on strategies to reach people who are tired of hearing about energy efficiency and climate change. Communicating sustainability to the public requires new ideas that really account for the way people work, and I think we came up with a great idea.

Energy Tipper is a mobile application that 1) tells the homeowner whether this is a bad time or good time to use electricity based on utility electricity prices 2) gives them a mischievous tip as part of a meme graphic based on the previous day’s energy consumption for their house. Some example screenshots and tips:

Of course, we will not be using poor Steve in the actual app, as he does not belong to us. Look out for a release to the public on iPhone, hopefully some time in December!

Check out the other projects that came out of event (which all were pretty great) here.

I was lucky enough to participate in the Stockholm Green Hackathon on October 19! The event was put together by Jorge Zapico and Hannes Ebner of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Here is a pretty good read-through of all the projects.I didn’t win, but I was involved in the making of Social Impact of Supply Chains and SourceQuest. I met some really clever, amazing people that are going to do wonders with their sustainability hacks. Everyone’s idea were truly great, and James Smith (from AMEE) has gotten some well-deserved attention for his clever Minecraft hack to include emissions and climate change.

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