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I picked this up when I was dying for some intense escapism. I was a little skeptical about a Victorian time-travel mystery. It was slow to start, but the writing is charming and I’m finding that’s eventually what a book really needs.

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The Fracture Zone is Simon Winchester’s account of his physical and conceptual exploration of the Balkans and its pervasive violence. I guess I was expecting a lot; I was expecting to walk away with more of an understanding of the Balkans, the conflicts in the 1990s. I don’t think that is too much to ask, given that he was there. What I got was a lot of Winchester’s personal experiences there, which, frankly, weren’t that interesting.

He did try to include some historical research to explain the roots of conflict in the area, but the content was rambly. I don’t recommend this book, and I am hoping someone (Leo P, hint hint) will recommend to me a better book on the subject.

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