Hi, My name is Bianca.

I work in environmental sustainability

and I write software

Which leads to me building projects like these:

My Green Neighbour is a web application that helps residents understand, plan, and finish home energy retrofits.
EnergyTipper is a mobile application that gives people tips for energy conservation based on their energy consumption.
PEAKr is an Android widget that shows you Ontario Time-of-use information right on your android homescreen.

I use best practices in Behavioural & Environmental Psychology, marketing, and software to design


from the message to the UI/UX » Front-end » Back-end & Databases

I’m currently writing about:


Which you can read in these recent posts…

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Folks. Folks. Folks. Folks…. I built an Android app!

Again, I’m designing for simplicity and for a focus on user experience, as well as trying to solve the problems that people in the industry are concerned about. This translates to 1) something that communicates at a glance 2) time-of-use prices for electricity consumption in Ontario [...]

Communicating Sustainability
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I’ve thought a lot about where the environmental movement is stalling the most, and where I can help. Toronto has a good number of hard-working and earnest environmental charities and NGOs. But I’ve noticed that their messages are often communicated in similar ways that don’t necessarily draw people in the way they need to. So, [...]

Connecting with Ontario’s Green Button API
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I’ve been developing a couple apps that work with Ontario’s new Green Button API roll out, which will consist of multiple utilities across the province securely allowing third party software to interact with a homeowner’s residential electricity consumption data. What it means to the average person is soon you will have a lot of fancy [...]

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